Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tom Motika - Culminating Project


  1. Tom,

    I like how you set up the blog to show how teachers can use it as a webpage for their classrooms.

    I think many times people hear the words blog or wiki, and don't understand the potential functionality of them. Adding examples for them, such as an area to post homework, links and photos, show them that a blog is more than just an online journal.

    I even like your layout. Well done!

    BTW, if that is a picture of the Mac lab in your school, then I hate you...and want to work in your building with you. ;-)


  2. I agree with Damon - great idea to show what you can put in a blog. I like all the different types of entries (profile, pictures, journal, assignments types and due dates, links to useful sites, etc) that you include and all the text headings and comments are informative and explanatory. I was thinking you could maybe add some "how to" embedded links that show up as you scroll through the page - like when you scroll over "Add pictures to your blog", a window could pop up and you could list the steps telling how to do that or maybe take your reader to another page with directions on it. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Great job! This blog will help me when I put my blog page together. I like the instructions on how to do all the different things. You headings are clear and the instructions are easy to understand. I also like the pictures. They add warmth to your site.