Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gary S. - Culminating Project

Gary's project is actually a wiki, but he's having some technical issues with accessing it outside the district. The link above takes you to a blog he set up in which he shares screen of and commentary about the wiki.

On the off-chance that you can access his wiki from your computer, here is the original link with instructions on how to log on:


First page does not look like a wiki. It will be my forms page for people to create an account to enter and edit the wiki. Not done yet.

Logon info: Upper right corner is a link for logging on.

Sign in with thisUserID: Bethel\shellhammerc

Password: creation

Once you sign in, a tab will be available that says BethelWiki. In the wiki, go to the district, then follow the links to Bethel History. I think from there you will get my idea of what I am trying to do.


  1. A comment about my own project. I have tested my links at 3 different computers outside the school network and outside our Internet provider, MDECA. Typically the site does not load immediately. I get the feeling it is DNS related. On a couple systems, they could not find the site. On that very computer, I then did a nslookup for That came back positive with an IP of Then if I tried to go to the site, it worked. If you are having trouble, use the IP address, instead of the name. It should not fail.

  2. I really liked your project. Is it hard working with teachers in this manner? I am having a hard time reading the fonts on the page because they are so small due to print screen. However, I think your project is wonderful.

  3. I think this project is a great idea. I like the way that you've got the it layed out, and your directions are clear. It was also interesting reading about the history of Bethel H.S. - one of the feeder schools to mine, Miami Valley CTC :)