Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Robert W - Culminating Project

For my culminating project I've created a blog for my web design class. Not only are there weekly homework assignments that students need to write in the blog, but also the blog provides group feedback for each web project they complete. This way the kids learn not only from me, but from each other. There were a couple of glitches, one where a students wrote "WTF" in a post, in which I used it as a teaching example of what is not acceptable blog journaling. Another example was a student told a dirty joke in her profile. I had to make sure all students realize that they had to be personally responsible for anything they wrote connected to the class blog, including their profiles and student created blogs. The blog is really working well so far. Since I am deaf, it has allowed better communication between students and me, and parents as well. Some of the posts have been outstanding and thoughtful. I can see that most are taking it seriously, because it sheds light on their intelligence and thoughts. No one (for the most part) wants to appear stupid. So it creates peer pressure (rather than teacher pressure) to think and do well. I also think they enjoy having a blog because no other class incorporates "their technology" to this extent. I encourage them to upload any photos from their cellphones they want to share. They really like "cross dressing" technologies and seeing them work with each other. I must say using the class blog has been a shot in the arm for my web classes, which were already doing well enough. We also have a class wiki, which relays important information. Kind of being used as a source board since the whiteboard in the classroom has to be shared and frequently changed.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gary S. - Culminating Project

Gary's project is actually a wiki, but he's having some technical issues with accessing it outside the district. The link above takes you to a blog he set up in which he shares screen of and commentary about the wiki.

On the off-chance that you can access his wiki from your computer, here is the original link with instructions on how to log on:


First page does not look like a wiki. It will be my forms page for people to create an account to enter and edit the wiki. Not done yet.

Logon info: Upper right corner is a link for logging on.

Sign in with thisUserID: Bethel\shellhammerc

Password: creation

Once you sign in, a tab will be available that says BethelWiki. In the wiki, go to the district, then follow the links to Bethel History. I think from there you will get my idea of what I am trying to do.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lasure J. - Culminating Project

Rachel B. - Culminating Project

chose to make a blog as a means to communicate with parents and students. It's called "What's the Buzz" because her married name will be Buzzard. She will use it to post links, give general updates, and give awards to spotlight some of my students. It is all generic right now as she is a tutor without her own classroom, but she plans to utilize it as soon as she receives an opportunity to have her own group of students.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tom Manning - Culminating Project Setup our Business teacher with the Business Advisory Council to develop his new course in International Business. Advisory council used wireless laptops to collaborate in small groups and chart their thoughts. Council members will return in weeks to come to add and edit these items. Teacher will then summarize all their input to develop the curriculum for the course. This is a good use of the Wiki for the collaboration.

Tricia S. -- Culminating Project

Tricia's Wiki

Tricia's Blog

Jeanne M. - Culminating Project

Melissa S. - Culminating Project

Susan D. - Culminating Project

Bruce M. - Culminating Project

Sue Ann M. - Culminating Project

Doug S. - Culminating Project

Jacqui L. - Culminating Project If you follow the link above, you will find a series of wikis I created for my English class. From this main page, students accessed the page for their assigned character and added the information requested by the assignment to the wiki. They will do this two more times as we read "A Tale of Two Cities." At the end of the novel, students will be writing a character analysis. They can choose any character and use the quotations and analysis from that character's wiki! This way, the force of the whole class's combined work is behind each individual paper. I'm hoping for deeper levels of analysis overall in these papers due to the access to other people's ideas on the wiki. I created individual accounts for this wiki for each student, so only my students are able to edit the wikis (this literally took less than a minute to do on PBWiki).

Jean H. - Culminating Project

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week 5: Culminating Projects

As culminating projects are posted, please take a look at two and comment briefly on each.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week 4: Hopes and Fears

On Alan November's web site, he states:
Those of us who confront change in our professional or personal lives usually experience both hopes for the future and fears of what change might bring. Initiating the change process by having people list their personal hopes and fears can sometimes help individuals see they are not alone in their perspectives. It can also help any group address concerns collectively.
So...I will ask questions similar to the type Alan asks groups with whom he is working:
  • What is your best hope for what technologies such as blogs and wikis will provide to improve learning?
  • What can we lose from adding technology such as blogs and wikis to our schools?