Friday, February 13, 2009

Rachel B. - Culminating Project

chose to make a blog as a means to communicate with parents and students. It's called "What's the Buzz" because her married name will be Buzzard. She will use it to post links, give general updates, and give awards to spotlight some of my students. It is all generic right now as she is a tutor without her own classroom, but she plans to utilize it as soon as she receives an opportunity to have her own group of students.


  1. I like the ideas you have in your blog - the "catchy" title is cute. I wish you well in your upcoming marriage and the hopes of a teaching career!

  2. This is fantastic - amusing, school appropriate, and easy to navigate. Great job!

  3. Hi:

    Great Blog to keep students and parents informed. I noticed you are also offering an opportunity for parents to sign up for field trips etc. This is a great idea.