Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bruce M. - Culminating Project


  1. This is a blog I would hope to set up in Algebra 2 classes.

    There is a description of the purpose of the blog under the title.

    On the left there is a description of the current chapter we are studying as well as the current date for the chapter test.

    On the right there is a listing of the current homework, a webpage to use if you do not have your calculator with you, and a webpage visit if the explanations in class and in the book did not make everything clear.

  2. Hi Bruce! I like that your blog is "sectioned" off. I think that will really help the students. Is there a discussion board or thread link within the site for student discussion regarding topics? Also, I know we have a math teacher at our high school using a wiki site for her classes. Apparently, Google has certain apps that you can download directly to your sites for immediate use. She has downloaded the calculator directly to the page. Do you plan to "attach" any assignments that are not book related? What about notes from class? If you had access to a Smart board or interwrite pad, you might be able to post your daily notes for students who are absent. I also like the idea of incorporating "newsworthy" articles if the site allows you too. Real world math posted on your blog! I hope this site works well for you! I think it looks great!