Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Doug S. - Culminating Project


  1. This is a good use of the Wiki. I am the Tech Director at Kenston Local and plan on doing the exact same thing when we write our Tech plan (starting now actually). Everyone is in the same boat as the 3-year plans are all expiring. I would hope a lot of tech committees would use this as it will cut down on meetings. Collaboration with this will also allow users to add items and combine thoughts remotely. Last time I did the tech plan it took 5 meetings over a 3 month period to get it done. Now, using a wiki, I anticipate/plan on doing 3 meetings and finishing in 1 month.

  2. I, too, hope the wiki proves as useful as I anticipate. We have had so many issues and problems getting staff to meeting both during the day and/or in the evening that the wiki looks like a viable alternative.

    Also, using a current technology that we want students to consider seems like a logical transitional model for the process.

    So far, staff seem interested in trying the tool. My greatest concern is eliciting the input of parents or the business community.I can encourage staff but reaching others is much more of a challenge.

    Another facet of the wiki that I want to utilize is to have the students who will ultimately be affected by our decisions to critique the process.